Killing A Fat Guy is Becoming Being A Bad Ass

freedomIt’s been several years since I began the killing a fat guy journey. I’ve gone through a lot of personal change and growth. I’ve experienced ups and downs; in my health and fitness, in my relationships, in my finances, and much, much more. I’ve lacked a clear direction and gone into the depth of depression. Killing a fat guy was my mission and my goal, but it was so much more than that. For some reason it became more than a brand, it became my identity. And in identifying so closely with the killing of the fat guy, I made the fat guy more a part of me.

Now, I’m changing direction. I’ve decided to change my life into what I’ve really wanted to be all along; a bad ass. What do I mean by bad ass? I mean a fully realized man. A man who isn’t afraid of himself and his goals and dreams. A man who lives his life for the adventure. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life making my happiness contingent upon the attainment of a goal or the next acquisition. I’ve acquired lots of “things” but I have come to learn the true nature of things. Technology gadgets were really my “thing” drug of choice. But I’ve learned that the things are there to be a part of the experience, not the experience itself.

So where are we going with this new direction?

BeingABadass.Com will be the source of things and experiences that I think are bad ass. Everything from cars, motorcycles, and style, to philosophy, personal development, and relationships. Everything that it means to be a complete man, because being a complete man is totally bad ass.

So I thank you all for coming on the killing a fat guy journey with me, it has been a long process and, even though I’m still not quite where I want to be in my fitness, I think it’s time to put the concept of the fat guy aside and to integrate his lessons into my being so that I can become a fuller, more complete version of myself… So that I can live the rest of my days as a bad ass.

– Gary