What Is Keeping You From Your Dream?

dreamlifeYou know, as a coach who specializes in mindset I understand the importance of what I’m thinking and believing about my life. I understand why it’s important to stay focused and keep a positive attitude in every situation. But it’s not like I sit back at and look at my garden chanting “There are no weeds. There are no weeds. There are no weeds.”. No. Because as much as I can sit around and think positive thoughts about the weeds, and focus my intention and ask the universe to remove them, the reality is if I want to get rid of the weeds I have to pluck them up by their roots and get them out of my garden.

The same is true with my mental garden. I can say positive mantras over and over again. I can pray to God to remove all negativity from my mind. I can focus my intention on only positive things that I want to see happen, but if I don’t DO SOMETHING to create the changes I want to see in my life, then (HARSH TRUTH ALERT!!) nothing is going to change.

What keeps people from living their dreams is simple. They don’t believe in it enough to take action. For example, I’ve wanted to have a body-builder type of body for a very long time.  In fact you could say that it’s been a sort of “dream” of mine. But until I pull it out of the “dream phase” and into the ACTION phase, I’m never going to have that body.

I’ve also wanted to be a millionaire, but lets face it that’s been “just” a dream for me to this point in my life. I’m not a millionaire.  True, I’ve earned over 2 million dollars in my lifetime and I even owned a business that racked in over $600,000 in a year, damn near a million dollars, but I’m not a millionaire today. If you took everything I owned, sold it, and paid off everything I owe, I’d only have probably $100,000 left., if that much. A far cry from being a millionaire.

I’ve also wanted to be a full-time coach and writer. I want to spend my days conducting seminars, developing tools to help people build a better life for themselves, doing one-on-one coaching, running an online coaching community, and so on, and so on. But none of that is what I do now. In fact, my coaching is generally given away as free advice. Yes, I have a number of coaches who follow me and respect me and yes I have a lot of people who sign up for the free stuff.  But no one has forked over their hard-earned money for my professional advice as a coach, aside from maybe buying my books and let’s face it, $3.99 isn’t all that much to ask someone to invest, as opposed to $200 an hour for coaching.

So what’s keeping me, the success strategies and mindset coach, the “killing a fat guy” guy, from living my dream?  It’s simple really.  It’s my own inaction. My own lack of commitment to myself and my goals and dreams.

So recently I begin working with a coaching friend of mine to help me focus my energies and pull these weeds out of my garden. We’ve set some very specific goals and created some tiny habits to move me towards the dream of doing all of these great and grand things I want to do. I’ve also begun working with another coach/therapist to help me dig out the mindset blocks in my own mind that I may be blind to.

Why?  Because being a coach is all about is being able to see things objectively that others cannot see. Many times we cannot see our own issues and hang ups because, well, we’re in the middle of our own issues and hang ups.  And having a coach to help guide you through these things and show you new ways of thinking can be a tremendous advantage and can save you decades of pain in the process.

So the thing that is keeping you from your dream is simple; it’s you!  It’s what’s going on in your own mind that is keeping you from exploring new options and taking new actions, or from taking any action at all. See, if you don’t truly believe that it’s real, that its truly possible and possible for you, you don’t take the actions necessary to bring the dream to reality. It’s time to stop wasting energy on dreaming and start doing.

If you’re looking for a coach to help you along the way, call me. Because my dream is me coaching you to reaching your dreams.

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